Inspired by the creator’s life, Inequivalent Exchange is a slice-of-life, science fiction comic about a cynical, socially awkward, nerdy designer, her hopeless romantic, extroverted roommate and her other-worldly, psychotic, talking cat.

If it sounds like a lot packed into one comic, you would be right. Adventures ensue as they try to navigate the world in which they live.

Created by Visual & Literary Storyteller, Bronlynn Thurman and published in Akron’s The Devil Strip, this comic is sarcastic, witty, and a bit on the nerdy side.

20140423-025643.jpgBronlynn Thurman describes herself as a socially awkward, Visual & Literary Storyteller with a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising. In 2012, she decided to combat her social anxiety and began her blog, Tea Time with the Mad Artist, which focuses mainly around the Northeast Ohio local art, food, and music scene. Over the last few years it has gained popularity much to her surprise and has been mentioned by The Akronist, the Akron Art Museum, and Akron’s monthly market, Crafty Mart.

When she isn’t scouring her area for cool things, she works full-time as a Marketing Events Assistant for her local library, reads, and shows her art work in local exhibits.


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