Inequivalent Exchange


From the Creator

Inequivalent Exchange is like my baby. This is the first comic that I’ve ever attempted to create and so far I am happy with the outcome.

I pull most things from real life. Like my main character, Eva, I have difficulties dealing with people at times. I’m a lot better at adapting than her, but the anxiety is still there. I also have a love comics, movies, and video games. When it comes to her personality, she is me to the extreme. I can be very sarcastic and stubborn at times, but I’m way more accepting.

Eric is based on a few of my friends blended together. I actually did have a male roommate at one time, so that’s very true to life. He’s an interesting character because he doesn’t take any of Eva’s crap. I think that’s my favorite part about him.

Caesar is the comedy relief for the moment. He will grow and evolve as time goes on. I definitely have plans for him.

The world itself is interesting. There’s normal, every day people in it, but there’s also a bit more. I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag just yet, but things are going to get interesting.

Overall, I want this to be something fun, but also impart some kind of meaning. My characters are going to grown and learn at time goes by and I hope you all enjoy the journey.

Thanks so much for reading.

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Author: Bronlynn

Young artist with a passion for positive living. Kent State Grad. Illustrator. Photographer. Nerd.

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